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Land transport covers all land-based transport systems that provide for the movement of people, goods and services.

Land transport plays a vital role in linking communities to each other. Land transport is a key factor in urban planning.

It consists of 2 kinds, rail and road. Rail transport is where a train runs along a set of two parallel steel rails , known as a railway or railroad.

The rails are anchored perpendicular to ties or sleepers of timber, concrete or steel, to maintain a consistent distance apart, or gauge. The rails and perpendicular beams are placed on a foundation made of concrete or compressed earth and gravel in a bed of ballast.

Alternative methods include monorail and maglev. A train consists of one or more connected vehicles that operate on the rails.

Propulsion is commonly provided by a locomotive , that hauls a series of unpowered cars, that can carry passengers or freight.

The locomotive can be powered by steam , diesel or by electricity supplied by trackside systems. Alternatively, some or all the cars can be powered, known as a multiple unit.

Also, a train can be powered by horses , cables , gravity , pneumatics and gas turbines. Railed vehicles move with much less friction than rubber tires on paved roads, making trains more energy efficient , though not as efficient as ships.

Freight trains traditionally used box cars , requiring manual loading and unloading of the cargo. Since the s, container trains have become the dominant solution for general freight, while large quantities of bulk are transported by dedicated trains.

A road is an identifiable route , way or path between two or more places. The most common road vehicle is the automobile; a wheeled passenger vehicle that carries its own motor.

Other users of roads include buses , trucks , motorcycles , bicycles and pedestrians. As of , there were 1. Road transport offers a complete freedom to road users to transfer the vehicle from one lane to the other and from one road to another according to the need and convenience.

This flexibility of changes in location, direction, speed, and timings of travel is not available to other modes of transport. It is possible to provide door to door service only by road transport.

Automobiles provide high flexibility with low capacity, but require high energy and area use, and are the main source of noise and air pollution in cities; buses allow for more efficient travel at the cost of reduced flexibility.

Water transport is movement by means of a watercraft —such as a barge , boat , ship or sailboat —over a body of water, such as a sea , ocean , lake , canal or river.

The need for buoyancy is common to watercraft, making the hull a dominant aspect of its construction, maintenance and appearance. In the 19th century, the first steam ships were developed, using a steam engine to drive a paddle wheel or propeller to move the ship.

The steam was produced in a boiler using wood or coal and fed through a steam external combustion engine.

Now most ships have an internal combustion engine using a slightly refined type of petroleum called bunker fuel.

Some ships, such as submarines , use nuclear power to produce the steam. Recreational or educational craft still use wind power, while some smaller craft use internal combustion engines to drive one or more propellers , or in the case of jet boats, an inboard water jet.

In shallow draft areas, hovercraft are propelled by large pusher-prop fans. Although it is slow compared to other transport, modern sea transport is a highly efficient method of transporting large quantities of goods.

Commercial vessels , nearly 35, in number, carried 7. Pipeline transport sends goods through a pipe ; most commonly liquid and gases are sent, but pneumatic tubes can also send solid capsules using compressed air.

Short-distance systems exist for sewage , slurry , water and beer , while long-distance networks are used for petroleum and natural gas.

Cable transport is a broad mode where vehicles are pulled by cables instead of an internal power source. It is most commonly used at steep gradient.

Typical solutions include aerial tramway , elevators , escalator and ski lifts ; some of these are also categorized as conveyor transport.

While large amounts of research have gone into technology, it is rarely used except to put satellites into orbit, and conduct scientific experiments.

However, man has landed on the moon, and probes have been sent to all the planets of the Solar System. Suborbital spaceflight is the fastest of the existing and planned transport systems from a place on Earth to a distant "other place" on Earth.

Faster transport could be achieved through part of a low Earth orbit , or following that trajectory even faster using the propulsion of the rocket to steer it.

Infrastructure is the fixed installations that allow a vehicle to operate. It consists of a roadway, a terminal, and facilities for parking and maintenance.

For rail, pipeline, road and cable transport, the entire way the vehicle travels must be constructed. Air and watercraft are able to avoid this, since the airway and seaway do not need to be constructed.

However, they require fixed infrastructure at terminals. Terminals such as airports, ports, and stations, are locations where passengers and freight can be transferred from one vehicle or mode to another.

For instance, airport rail links connect airports to the city centers and suburbs. The terminals for automobiles are parking lots , while buses and coaches can operate from simple stops.

The financing of infrastructure can either be public or private. Transport is often a natural monopoly and a necessity for the public; roads, and in some countries railways and airports are funded through taxation.

New infrastructure projects can have high costs and are often financed through debt. Many infrastructure owners, therefore, impose usage fees, such as landing fees at airports, or toll plazas on roads.

Independent of this, authorities may impose taxes on the purchase or use of vehicles. Because of poor forecasting and overestimation of passenger numbers by planners, there is frequently a benefits shortfall for transport infrastructure projects.

A vehicle is a non-living device that is used to move people and goods. Unlike the infrastructure, the vehicle moves along with the cargo and riders.

Vehicles also need a system of converting the energy into movement; this is most commonly done through wheels , propellers and pressure.

Vehicles are most commonly staffed by a driver. However, some systems, such as people movers and some rapid transits, are fully automated.

For passenger transport, the vehicle must have a compartment, seat, or platform for the passengers. Simple vehicles, such as automobiles, bicycles or simple aircraft, may have one of the passengers as a driver.

Private transport is only subject to the owner of the vehicle, who operates the vehicle themselves. For public transport and freight transport, operations are done through private enterprise or by governments.

The infrastructure and vehicles may be owned and operated by the same company, or they may be operated by different entities. Traditionally, many countries have had a national airline and national railway.

Since the s, many of these have been privatized. International shipping remains a highly competitive industry with little regulation, [20] but ports can be public-owned.

This policy helps to reduce accidents and save lives. Relocation of travelers and cargo are the most common uses of transport. However, other uses exist, such as the strategic and tactical relocation of armed forces during warfare , or the civilian mobility construction or emergency equipment.

Passenger transport, or travel, is divided into public and private transport. Public transport is scheduled services on fixed routes, while private is vehicles that provide ad hoc services at the riders desire.

The latter offers better flexibility, but has lower capacity, and a higher environmental impact. Travel may be as part of daily commuting , for business , leisure or migration.

Short-haul transport is dominated by the automobile and mass transit. The latter consists of buses in rural and small cities, supplemented with commuter rail, trams and rapid transit in larger cities.

Long-haul transport involves the use of the automobile, trains, coaches and aircraft, the last of which have become predominantly used for the longest, including intercontinental, travel.

Intermodal passenger transport is where a journey is performed through the use of several modes of transport; since all human transport normally starts and ends with walking, all passenger transport can be considered intermodal.

Public transport may also involve the intermediate change of vehicle, within or across modes, at a transport hub , such as a bus or railway station.

Taxis and buses can be found on both ends of the public transport spectrum. Buses are the cheapest mode of transport but are not necessarily flexible, and taxis are very flexible but more expensive.

In the middle is demand-responsive transport , offering flexibility whilst remaining affordable. International travel may be restricted for some individuals due to legislation and visa requirements.

An ambulance is a vehicle used to transport people from or between places of treatment, [24] and in some instances will also provide out-of-hospital medical care to the patient.

The word is often associated with road-going "emergency ambulances", which form part of emergency medical services , administering emergency care to those with acute medical problems.

Air medical services is a comprehensive term covering the use of air transport to move patients to and from healthcare facilities and accident scenes.

Personnel provide comprehensive prehospital and emergency and critical care to all types of patients during aeromedical evacuation or rescue operations, aboard helicopters, propeller aircraft, or jet aircraft.

Freight transport, or shipping, is a key in the value chain in manufacturing. While all modes of transport are used for cargo transport, there is high differentiation between the nature of the cargo transport, in which mode is chosen.

Containerization , with the standardization of ISO containers on all vehicles and at all ports, has revolutionized international and domestic trade , offering a huge reduction in transshipment costs.

Traditionally, all cargo had to be manually loaded and unloaded into the haul of any ship or car; containerization allows for automated handling and transfer between modes, and the standardized sizes allow for gains in economy of scale in vehicle operation.

This has been one of the key driving factors in international trade and globalization since the s. Bulk transport is common with cargo that can be handled roughly without deterioration; typical examples are ore , coal, cereals and petroleum.

Because of the uniformity of the product, mechanical handling can allow enormous quantities to be handled quickly and efficiently.

The low value of the cargo combined with high volume also means that economies of scale become essential in transport, and gigantic ships and whole trains are commonly used to transport bulk.

Liquid products with sufficient volume may also be transported by pipeline. Air freight has become more common for products of high value; while less than one percent of world transport by volume is by airline, it amounts to forty percent of the value.

Time has become especially important in regards to principles such as postponement and just-in-time within the value chain, resulting in a high willingness to pay for quick delivery of key components or items of high value-to-weight ratio.

Transport is a key necessity for specialization —allowing production and consumption of products to occur at different locations.

Throughout history transport has been a spur to expansion; better transport allows more trade and a greater spread of people. Economic growth has always been dependent on increasing the capacity and rationality of transport.

Due to the way modern cities and communities are planned and operated, a physical distinction between home and work is usually created, forcing people to transport themselves to places of work, study, or leisure, as well as to temporarily relocate for other daily activities.

Passenger transport is also the essence of tourism , a major part of recreational transport. Commerce requires the transport of people to conduct business, either to allow face-to-face communication for important decisions or to move specialists from their regular place of work to sites where they are needed.

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Verb consign , dispatch , pack off , send , ship , shoot , transfer , transmit Synonyms: Noun cloud nine , ecstasy , elatedness , elation , euphoria , exhilaration , heaven , high , intoxication , paradise , rapture , rhapsody , seventh heaven , swoon Antonyms: Verb accept , receive Antonyms: Noun depression Visit the Thesaurus for More.

Choose the Right Synonym for transport Verb banish , exile , deport , transport mean to remove by authority from a state or country.

Examples of transport in a Sentence Verb A van at the hotel transports guests to and from the airport. The illness was first transported across the ocean by European explorers.

The movie transports us to a world of stunning beauty. While reading, I was transported back to the year He was transported for stealing.

Noun the transport of manufactured goods I was left without transport when the car broke down. She relies on public transport.

Recent Examples on the Web: Verb Police said 35 smuggling suspects were arrested last month in Thessaloniki, accused of transporting 1, migrants to the city — a 60 percent increase from the previous month.

Five-ton tractor, last seen tossed by tornado on South Dakota farm," 3 July Wrap them tightly in plastic wrap for transporting.

Noun Prospects for an agreement passing muster in London became even more unpredictable Friday with the resignation of pro-EU transport minister Jo Johnson.

Jordan, Houston Chronicle , "Galveston officers find 19 kilos of cocaine during traffic stop," 1 June Al-Amiri is a former transport minister whose Badr organization played a key role in the battle against Islamic State.

Trsports - same, infinitely

Stanno Schienbeinschoner Liga II. Stanno Olympico Trikot Kurzarm. Stanno Forza Top Rundhals. Stanno Pro Guard Schienbeinschoner. Wenn Sie unsere Website weiterhin nutzen, gehen wir davon aus, dass Sie weiterhin Cookies von uns und unseren Patnern erhalten möchten. Casio Referee Stopwatch W Stanno Futsal Electric Super Light. Stanno Field Kapuzen Jacke. You previously shopped on our website. Stanno Prestige Top Rundhals. Pokemon kalae bucht Bergamo Schiedsrichter Trikot. It is possible to door to door service only by road transport. An ambulance is a vehicle used to transport people poker ki or between places of treatment, [24] and in some instances will also provide out-of-hospital medical care to the patient. As ofthere were 1. Transport or transportation US is the movement of humans, animals and goods from one another. Rail transport is where a train runs along a set of two parallel steel railsknown as a railway or railroad. There are economies of agglomeration. Taxis and buses can be found on both ends of the public transport spectrum. The 19th century also saw the development of the steam shipwhich sped up global transport. Humans may ride some of the animals directly, use them as pack animals for carrying goods, or harness them, alone or in teamsto pull sleds or wheeled vehicles. The majority of aircraft also need an airport with the infrastructure to receive maintenance, restocking, refueling and for the loading and unloading of crew, fussballn de, and passengers. For passenger transport, the vehicle must have a compartment, seat, or casino fassade for the passengers. Modes of transport include airland rail and roadwatercablepipeline and casino club volos. Both speed and capacity increased rapidly, allowing specialization through manufacturing being located independently of natural resources. Stanno Futsal Electric Super Light. Bestellungen die nach Igloo Getränkebehälter "Seat Top" 5 Gallon. Trainingshütchen 40er Set, 4-farbig. Stanno Prestige Poly Anzug. Stanno Chester Torwarthose, lang. Stanno Campione Trikot Langarm. Stanno Excellence Team Trolley Tasche. Stanno Schienbeinschoner Liga II. Stutzentape Sockentape PST 20 m x 38 mm. Ähnliche Produkte finden Sie hier: McDavid Patella-Sehnenband Neopren. Stanno Centro Fitted Hose. Stanno Torino Trikot Langarm. Stanno Field Trikot Kurzarm.




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